Mozart’s Coffee in Austin

Mozart’s Coffee in Austin

Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Photo – Mozart’s Coffee in Austin
This is one of my favorite places in Austin! Like many other are coffee shops, it’s one of those spots that techies go to be alone, together. If you know what I mean.

It’s full of Macbook laptops, coffee, coffee-related products, and sweet sweet Web 2.0 geeks. It used to be uncool to be a geek… but now it is quite socially acceptable. The ironic thing is that geeks gave up the concept of social acceptability a long time ago… so we are all somewhat aloof to this newfound status.
Photoshop Tools
I’m in the middle of my weekend workshop here in Tokyo and we are having a great time. People flew in from Hong Kong and Shanghai for the event – cool! I gave everyone a bunch of homework… we will see how they do!

During the class, I’ve been showing people some of my other tools that I use regularly. In case you do not have them, I suggest you check out the:

Nik Review – A really fun and easy set of tools.
OnOne Plugin Review – A rich set of products that has a very deep toolbox!

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13 Responses to Mozart’s Coffee in Austin

  1. Tom Cooke says:

    The sky here is amazing! Great work!

  2. Sai Achanta says:

    lovely shot..colorful..feels like party time!!

  3. Colin Maduzia says:

    Fantastic image. Great description too. I want to be there. Thanks for the tips and have fun.

  4. Satyaki Bhattacharyya says:

    Wonderful work.

  5. (c.jones) says:

    Beautfiul work, love the lights

  6. Dave DiCello says:

    Love the colors!

  7. Hans Viveen says:

    You have the gift to make it an amazing composition, good work!

  8. don j schulte @ oxherder arts says:

    Another reason Austin is special – Mozarts!

  9. Jill Clardy says:

    terrific ambiance !

  10. F.FaISaL says:

    the left side is distracting otherwise u doing an amazing work as usual !!

  11. dwelldeep says:

    wow, i used to go here when i was in college for late night studying (and mingling). ah, memory lane!

  12. alfedena1961 says:

    Nice image, have a nice time in Tokio. When are you going to organize such a workshop in Europe?

  13. Marcelo Espinosa says:


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