Nutrition 101: Back to the Basics

Nutrition 101: Back to the Basics
Event on 2017-05-18 18:30:00
Time to break through all the internet, television, and marketing garbage that is out there confusing us about what we should and should not be putting into our bodies.  One expert says no carbs and another says no fats; what do we do? So we saw a need and have created Nutrition 101: Back to the Basics to help our practice members and the community understand what real food is, how much we should be consuming, what time of day should we consume certain foods, how to buy healthy foods on a budget, and what healthy subsitutes there are for the toxic foods in your kitchen that are robbing your families' health.  During this information packed hour you will learn what the ten most toxic foods you and your family are regularly consuming.   You will leave with practical steps to improve your families pantry, knowledge how to food journal as well as your very on 7-day food journal and a challenge coordianted by Dr. Glennon to restore your health quickly.  We will have healthy treats and beverages avaliable not only for your enjoyment but to show you examples of sweet, delicous, healthy treats that you and  your family can enjoy at home.  

at PATH Health
730 Beach Blvd , suite 101
Jacksonville Beach, United States

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