Yin / Yang Fusion Yoga Workshop

Yin / Yang Fusion Yoga Workshop
Event on 2017-07-21 18:00:00
Join Kate for this workshop focusing on fusing yin and yang. Fierce and fiery? Always pushing to your edge, practicing fast paced vinyasa or building heat through core intensive practice. Cool and calm? Embracing restorative practice, attending yin yoga and love using props to support release. This workshop creates the best of both! Re-balancing your energy levels and encouraging you to take rest if you are a fierce and fiery, or feel the fluidity of movement as a cool and calm yogi. This yin yang fusion re-balances your energy, easing you into the weekend ahead. Yin elements throughout the workshop will connect body, breath and mind encouraging release and surrender. Whilst the more fluid and dynamic practice will develop strength and mobility.

at Yoga Hero
The Boulevard , Leeds Dock
Leeds, United Kingdom

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